Back Tattoo For Girls

Back Tattoo For GirlsBack Tattoo For Girls
Back Tattoo For GirlsBack Tattoo For Girls
Back Tattoo For GirlsBack Tattoo For Girls

3 Tips on How to Pick a Tattoo

o pick a tattoo that is right for you, first you will need to figure out a theme. Something important to you; something with meaning. In the tattoo community, it is typically looked down on to just have some generic design. Although ideally you want something with value, surrounding the main part of a tattoo with designs is typically okay.

1. Temp it!
Names, symbols (such as zodiac signs), your military unit or martial arts designs are very common tattoos people get. If these types of tattoos seem like something you want, you will want to be completely sure that you won’t grow tired of it. Although tattoos can be removed, you want to pick a tattoo that you won’t have to laser off. Not only will it hurt like all hell, but you will have wasted your time and money.

A step that most people leave out, is temping a tattoo. Temping means that you put a temporary tattoo of your chosen design on your body in the location you want. Leaving it on for a few days and seeing yourself with it will let you know whether or not it’s something you truly do want. Henna, an herbal dye, is a wonderful way to temp a tattoo design, as it only lasts for a week or so.

2. Location!
Location is important when picking a tattoo. Some prefer to have it in more personal areas, while others like to show them off. While this is completely up to you, there are a few things about locations you may want to know. Lower back tattoos for women may cause difficulty during pregnancy. The epidural shot cannot be administered of there is ink in the spot it must be injected in. In the realm of design, generally it’s smart to have that tattoo fitted to the body part. If you are getting an arm piece, have the tattoo begin wider at the top and get smaller as it reaches down your arm.

3. Color it!
Your skin color also can help you determine which tattoo to pick. If your skin is dark, look for a thicker outline. Heavier shading. Darker colors like dark blue, red, or green will display a design better than light colors such as pinks, peach, and yellow will. Shy away from orange if you have a darker complexion.

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