Text Tattoos Are Becoming More Popular

To be frank I didn't really think about text tattoos as they call them being all that popular. But once I sat back and started thinking about it, I started to realize that a lot of famous people do have some sort of text tattoo on their body. In case you are wondering what a text tattoo is, it is some sort of writing that one has tattooed on them. A lot of tattoo artist say that they are getting more and more request from clients to have some sort of saying, quote, name, poem or other kind of writing tattooed on them. Also note that even if the tattoo is not in English it is still considered a text tattoo.

Let's think about this for a minute. Can you name I don't know 5 or 10 celebrities that have text tattoos off the top of your head? I bet I can. Let's see, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson, Heidi Klum, Travis Barker, Eva Longoria Parker, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, Rihanna and the list goes on and on. So this just goes to show that text tattoos are very popular with famous people so I'm sure they are as equally popular with us regular folk. In case you were wondering most of these celebrities do have sayings tattooed on them in different languages, but none the less it is still considered text because it translates into words.

So if you have been thinking about getting some sort of text tattoo, don't worry you are not the only one out there that will be displaying one. Just make sure that it is something unique and means something special to you. Don't just get something random tattooed on you.

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