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pure tatoosTattoo by Kandyman Joe - Pure Imagination Tattoos - Mount Pleasant, IA

pure tatoosMario and Luigi are, without a doubt, some of the most popular video-game characters in history and some people do the most outrageous things to prove their love for them

This dude, for example, got the Super Mario Brothers tattooed on the soles of his feet. I can’t even imagine how much this hurt and, even though the tattoo artist did a terrific job, I seriously doubt these tattoos are going to last a lifetime.

pure tatoosThere’s nothing wrong with liking big-boobed women, but trying to insert a foreign object inside your leg just to make a tattoo look real, is a little extreme! I for one haven’t seen this procedure before, it’s definitely very…interesting, but I definitely wouldn’t go through it, even if that meant having a hot babe with me all the time.

pure tatoos

pure tatoosunbreakable

pure tatoospure tatoo

pure tatoosdamon blitz

pure tatoosanatomical tatoo

pure tatoosIt’s like Adam and Eve reloaded, like Gone with the (vampire) wind! It’s just a book, you know, pure fiction, and if the cast directors can swim in gold for having given Edward and Bella to Robert and Kristen, living la vida Twilight could really cut someone from the current reality.

pure tatoosOn the other hand, the romantic perspective of Twilight makes our youngsters dream. Dream about love, about the existence of the other half, about romance 10,000%. That’s the bright side of things! What’s really worrying me is the how persistent the theme of the Lion falling in love with the Lamb! Sure, I don’t prefer seeing Robert Pattinson (as Edward Cullen) tattooed in full splendor… But hey, do your parents know about all this twilight skin love? (via)

pure tatoos

pure tatoos

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