Sexy Lower Back Tattoos For Girls

In the 1990s, the popularity of lower back tattoos rose. This was also the time half shirts and cropped tops were in style. For this reason, girls realized that it was the perfect opportunity to show off their tattoo as well as producing a curvy and sexy appeal. Up to this date, tattoos on the lower back are still as popular for girls. And they can be great to show off when you're at the beach or by simply wearing low rise jeans.

In order to highlight the body's feminine curves, the tattoos placed in this area usually have an oblong shape. Mostly, these tattoos are of an image which has been surrounded by elongated designs, patterns or lines. The common images which are being placed in the center include the star, butterfly, dolphin, cross, heart, or a dragon. Meanwhile, the designs which are commonly used to surround the center image range from swirly designs, flames, wings, or even vines. Usually, the tattoo is wide in the center and simply tapers off while it extends outward. There are some instances where these back tattoos wrap further to the side or waist of the girl and can produce a beautiful and unique look.

There are also some tattoos which have a round shape. Even if this is an unusual look, it can still produce an attractive look by itself. However, if you would ask which one is sexier, the answer would be the oblong shape. This is because it just simply highlights the shape of the girl's body much better. A tattoo on the lower back area of your body is considered an attractive spot as well as getting inked on your neck. This is simply because they are hidden and only someone special can see them.

There are several reasons why girls get the tattoo inked in this area. For one thing, it can offer a great and flat expanse for the tattoo artist to work with. It is also a perfect spot for the tattoo since it does not change or stretch with the usual bodily changes occurring as we age, pregnancy or weight gain.

Also, flashing this tattoo on the lower back of your body can be sexy because it is often the place that people do not normally see. Lastly, you can get a lower back tattoo and still be able to dress great for the corporate world without anyone having to see it, except if you either show it to them or if you bend over.

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