Asian Dragon Tattoos - Unleash Your Dragon

What you should know before you get any Asian dragon tattoos:

A brief overview to help you make a better guided decision when it comes to choosing your design.

Dragons have long been important figures in Asian culture. The most commonly known Asian dragons include those from Japan and China, Korea, and Indonesia. Differences among the Asian dragons are minor. For example, Japanese dragons traditionally have five claws, where as in Chinese culture five clawed dragons were reserved for emperors, with four claws being the norm. Personally, my favourite are the Japanese dragons. I like them because of their long "whiskers" and jewel on their chin.

Asian dragons are distinct from their Western counterparts in that in Western culture they are viewed as pure evil whereas in Asian culture they are connected to the emperors and imperial families and are highly respected creatures.

Asian Dragon Tattoos are very popular today due to their rich diversity in design and meaning. These creatures can symbolize guardianship, freedom, wisdom, and empowerment. A unique idea is having a design in which the dragon is breathing out a flame which spells a lovers name or initials, or something similar. In this case, the dragon represents the "fire within", which could symbolize a burning passion for someone or something.

Common locations for Asian dragon tattoos include the full back and upper arm. Upper arm designs usually consist of the dragon wrapping around the arm, with its head extending onto the chest or back. These tattoos are excellent for wrapping around curves and flattering natural body contours.

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