Go Hawaiian With Hibiscus Tattoos

Hibiscus flower tattoos have exotic bloom and they look so alive and sophisticated. This flower, specifically the yellow color is the national flower of Hawaii so those who opt for this design have the island in their mind or at least have some connections to it; or they just love the beauty of the flower itself. Although it is commonly associated with Hawaiian culture, this flower actually grows in other parts of the world and color varies from red to pink, yellow, white or purple.

Hibiscus tattoos have interesting symbolism attached to them so it’s a design not only picked because of its aesthetic value. A gift of hibiscus might suggest “seize this opportunity”. This is in conjunction with its full bloom which can only last for just a short period everyday so it also symbolizes delicate beauty. Hibiscus when placed flirtatiously on the ears convey opposite messages – when placed on the left ear, it means that the girl is seeking a lover. When put behind her right ear, it means the girl has a lover. When placed on both ears, it means that the girl has a lover and seeking a lover at the same time.

Hibiscus tattoos look amazing when inked in full colors, most popular ones are red and pink. Being a flower that is, they are preferred by women on their lower back, foot, arms, and shoulder blade. They are also incorporated with other imagery that represent Hawaii, such as plumeria which is commonly seen as an add-on design for hibiscus as if to complete the whole Hawaiian flower theme. No matter what color or what body parts they are inked on, a tattoo of hibiscus design never fail to communicate a message of cheerful optimism and happiness.

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