Gregg Allman Tattoos

Gregg Allman has been a Rock and Roll God most of my life. He still sells out tours all all over the world. When he isn’t playing with the Allman Brothers Band, he fronts his own band, where he takes center stage and delivers what his fans want and expect. His style of blistery blues mixed with his soulful singing, never stops being appreciated. Artists like Tom Petty and Bruce Willis are long-time fans who love to jam with him.

Gregg Allman’s rise to fame occurred in the early1970’s. After losing his brother Duane in 1971 in a motorcycle accident, he went on to record his first solo album, ‘Laid Back’ on Capricorn Records. The album has long been considered a solid ‘classic.’ For a time in the late 70’s he was on the cover of ‘Rolling Stone’ and ‘People’ magazine while being married to Cher. They had a son and even recorded an album of duets called ‘Allman and Woman.’ Unfortunately they were divorced by the time the album was released so it floundered. Nevertheless, Gregg went on to bigger success with hit albums like “I’m No Angel’ and ‘Searching For Simplicity.’

 A five acre ranch in Savannah, Georgia is home when not touring. He enjoys the benefits of his artistry with plenty of royalty checks from his back catalog when the songs are used in films, television, and commercials.

When the opportunity to work with Gregg Allman came up I was extra excited. I knew he wouldn’t have much time with his busy schedule so we had to work fast! Eric Venturo was on hand to style and add this distinctive lighting to the photo session. After a few minutes of shooting, Gregg talked to me about what it’s like to live ‘the life.’

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