Body Art Designs - Examining the Rose and Symbolic Meanings of Color

The rose is very popular in body art designs for both men and women. It represents love, birth, and death -all of the elements nature embodies. The rose itself is fragile yet endures the heat of the sun and drought in the summer, survives torrential floods, lies dormant through harsh winters to be reborn in the spring as strong and vibrant as ever.

Color Representation
Dark Red- Represents unconscious beauty
Common Red- Love, beauty, purity, respect and everything romantic

Coral- This color indicates hidden desire laying dormant within

Blue- A rose of this color is considered rare, and so represents impossibility

White- Symbolizes innocence, youthfulness, reverence and will often celebrate children and purity of heart

Yellow- Represents achievement and friendship

Black- Depicts death, remorse and sadness of loss

Flower body art designs are so popular because they are versatile. The lotus is another favorite, yet the rose continues to thrive as the most chosen. When depicted with its Barbary thorns, one is reminded of life's trials and tribulations. True beauty must overcome adversity in order to rise to the surface, often being pricked along the way.

A rose tattoo can begin with a simple bud to represent re-birth or a new beginning in life and be added to as you grow and develop. It can represent a family, adding a bud for each member and eventually evolving into a bouquet symbolizing a unity. Each color could also represent a birth month as well. The choice is yours.

Flowers are promoted in body art designs for this reason of versatility and never ending possibilities. Combine the rose with a butterfly, heart, just about anything you can imagine and you have a custom tattoo.

Men often add dragons, daggers and other animals symbolizing strength such as the lion or panther. Arm bands are popular with barbed wire entwined around rose buds and Celtic designs.

A small rose on the back of the neck is often chosen, only to be revealed when the hair is worn up. Women choose this location when their occupations frown upon body art designs. This is common, as tattoos have yet to be accepted in many industries.

People choose hidden locations for other reasons as well. Perhaps they wish to keep a design wholly personal for religious or other reasons.

Choosing to wear body art is definitely a personal choice and one some people have no desire to explore this world. Others become addicted to it and the whole body becomes a canvas. Either way, it is indeed an art, and in the hands of a good artist can become masterpieces in themselves.

One thing to remember about body art designs is choosing wisely, as they are for the most part permanent. By choosing designs that have significant meaning in your life you will, hopefully, ensure no regrets later on.

By Terry Daniels

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