Body Tattoos - An Artistic Expression Inspired by Life Itself

Maybe some people could define a body tattoo just as a simple drawing in a skin, others think is an unnecessary action of mutilate the skin of an human being for no reason... but people like me could think that a tattoo means nothing more than an expression of a soul, a living experience, an unforgettable journey that marked an individual life forever and this individual wanted that experience being marked on his/her skin and people can see it, as well contemplate it.

And when we get to the decision of having our first dermagraphic design, or maybe our next one, is really important to know that: A tattoo design of your choice is a permanent commitment with yourself. Like everything we do in our daily life, Must be a decision made from our heart and true desire. There are so many people that have their own reasons of having a tattoo, such reasons will be:

1: A loss of a love one, or the birth of a new love one.

2: A passion for something, from animals, cultures, music, etc..

3: An act of a commitment, loyalty, Pride..

There's so many ways that we want to express our self, be identified, and the art of derma pigmentation, or tattoo, has been a way that many people been using for centuries to express their roots, culture and feelings, as well.

I am an artist for so many years, and every art i do has its own signification, its own meanings, and the beautiness and originality came from each customer i have treat it, because i understand that sometimes, we have some idea in our mind that we want to realize it in our skin, but we need to visualize images or different styles of arts so our mind get that boost of creativity, or even catch up the style of art that we are looking for.

To choose a body art, you can't just have to like it, you have to FALL IN LOVE with it, because like i said before, is an expression of life, a commitment from your heart. There such a worst thing to know someone, and you ask him/her about the new tattoo they got, and answered, just because is cool!!, or everybody has one or many, and i wanted to have one, too... or don't even know why they did it!!

So is very important that YOU are completely sure about the design you want, the meaning, and how valuable is for you will never feel regret of it.

This website that i am going to show you, contains a large variety of high quality professional tattoo designs, from armbands tattoos, tribal tattoos, lower back tattoos, patriotic tattoos, tattoos of animals from different kinds, Gothic tattoos, Oriental tattoos....thousands and thousands of tattoos that you can get the one right that suits you.

By Angel Colon

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